The leadership teams of many small businesses and nonprofit organizations find themselves overwhelmed by what they need to do to on a day-to-day basis, leaving virtually no time to focus on strategy.

And too often, the outside experts brought in to fill this gap create strategic plans without fully understanding the challenges of executing on those plans.  

So nothing gets done.

What if there was an adviser who personally had shouldered the responsibility of DEVELOPING and EXECUTING strategic plans?

And what if she also knew what it was like to START a company, GROW a business, HIRE, TRAIN, and RETAIN employees, CREATE a culture, BUILD consensus, MANAGE expenses, and ENSURE profitability?

And what if she had both strong corporate and nonprofit experience in her background?

Maybe she could be helpful to companies and nonprofits who need just this kind of experienced and pragmatic advice.  

So, she created DFM Advisory, LLC.